Baby Bottle Warmer (Water Warmer, Formula Maker, Bottle Warmer with Night Light)

Make Bottle Instantly
Choose from one of 4 temperature settings. Make your bottle instantly by just 3 steps: Dispense water, add formula, shake. You will never have to wait 3-7 minutes for a traditional bottle warmer.

Fits All Brands and Sizes of Bottles
Sleek Design and practical, suitable for all brands of baby bottles, meet the needs of babies of different ages.

Precise Temperature Control
The baby bottle warmer use precision temperature sensor, unlike traditional warmers that warm breastmilk with steam heat will easily cause OVERHEAT which can destroy breastmilk proteins.



Features & details
1. Make bottle instantly: This instant warmer can keep water warm for 72 hours, so you can get warm formula in only 25 seconds (dispense water, pour formula, then shake). No longer need to wait 3-5 minutes to warm a bottle in a traditional bottle warmer
2. 4 Temperatures: comes with 4 temperature settings ( 98.6°F; 104°F; 122°F; 158°F), suitable for different infant formulas, meet the needs of different babies
3. Detachable water tank: The water tank can be easily removed from the base for cleaning. It’s small size, easy to clean, does not take up space. The water warmer is also compatible with all brands and types of bottles
4. Fast warming & safe material: The water warmer is equipped with 400W high power heater, it’s water tank is made of food-grade high temperature resistant material, no plastic smell, ensures the health of the baby
5. Thoughtful lighting: There is a lamp under the spout, which is convenient for checking the water output and easy for preparing infant formula at night.

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